Capture the essence of your precious little one by following these simple steps to take the perfect hand and footprints photos for your personalized birth record.

Good Lighting

Find a well-lit area with natural light to capture clear details


Flash Overload - Avoid using direct flash, as it can cause harsh reflections and shadows.

Plain Background

Use a clean and solid-colored background that won't distract from the prints.


Busy Backgrounds - Steer clear of busy patterns or cluttered backgrounds.

High Resolution

Set your camera or phone to the highest resolution for sharp images.


Low Resolution - Low-quality images may result in unclear prints.

Close Up Shots

Get as close as possible to the prints without cutting off any edges.


Cropped Prints - Don't crop out any part of the prints; capture them in full.

Steady Hands

Keep the camera steady to avoid blurriness.


Blurry Photos - Prevent blurriness by holding the camera steady or using a tripod.

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